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Soft-Tissue Repair

Nanofibers are Revolutionizing Soft-Tissue Treatment

Restrata_Logo.pngRestrata is revolutionizing the world of soft-tissue repair, providing healing in refractory wounds and offering clinicians an alternative to existing biologic matrices. With Restrata, the healing power of the nanofiber matrix technology pioneered by Acera scientists is now available to improve patient care. 

Nanofabricated Matrices Advance Healing

Electrospun, nanofabricated matrices engineered for structural similarity to native human ECM function as a scaffold supporting cellular migration while also effectively retaining cells in the wound bed area to support an accelerated rate of healing1. Synthetic nanofibers minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, and may also reduce the risk of inflammation, a common side effect of traditional grafts, which can limit a patient's healing. Nanofabricated matrices are fully synthetic, making them ideal for patients with ethical or religious objections to skin graft treatment methods. 

wound_healing_opt.jpgRapid Cell Migration Accelerates Repair

The unique structure of Acera’s nanofiber matrices layers fibers of differing sizes into a matrix engineered to permit cellular migration while also supporting retention of cells in the wound bed area2. The movement of cells to the damaged tissue encourages rapid healing, and is supported by a defined rate of resorption engineered to match the rate of new tissue growth. 

Soft, Flexible Material for Easy Application 

The flexibility of nanofabricated matrices makes it easy to apply to difficult areas. Restrata readily conforms to the shape of the wound bed, and clinicians can cut it for easy customization to the unique shape required. While flexible enough for easy manipulation, the nanofiber matrix is strong enough to support application with a variety of methods, including suturing if needed. Once affixed, the matrix persists in the wound bed, improving healing efficiency and reducing the need for continued reapplication.

Acera has pioneered the breakthrough in nanofiber technology to improve patient care outcomes and is changing lives for the better. Restrata is a revolution in healing. 

1,2 What Makes the Optimal Wound Healing Material? A Review of Current Science and Introduction of a Synthetic Nanofabricated Wound Care Scaffold

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