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Revolutionizing Healing. Changing Lives.

The power of hybrid-scale fiber technology.

Our Mission

Acera’s mission is to set a new standard of excellence in healthcare. We take seriously the trust placed in us by patients and clinicians alike. Our team of pioneers, change agents, innovators, and scientists are bound together by an unrelenting drive to create solutions that make patients’ lives better through the development of revolutionary products that enable healing and enhance quality of life.

A Message to our Customers and Stakeholders:

Acera Surgical takes the health and well-being of our employees, as well as the patients and customers we serve, very seriously. During this COVID-19 crisis, we have taken the necessary safety measures established by the CDC to help protect our employees and their families. At the same time, we remain committed to meeting the needs of our customers and patients. 

 Our lead product, Restrata, is indicated for use in the management of wounds, including surgical and trauma wounds, along with pressure, diabetic, venous, and chronic vascular ulcers1. Other solutions for soft-tissue repair present tradeoffs, either for patients or providers. Autografts require a second procedure to harvest skin from a patient, leading to increased OR time and patient discomfort; many allografts require tissue tracking and special storage requirements; while most xenografts include biologic components derived from animal tissue that could present a risk of disease transmission to the patient2.

 How we can help:

  • We manufacture our non-biologic, fully synthetic products in the U.S.A.
  • Unlike human or animal based tissue products, Restrata eliminates the risk of disease transmission associated with harvested tissues2
  • Restrata is terminally sterilized with a two-year shelf-life, and does not require any special tissue tracking or storage requirements
  • We have a strong supply-chain and sufficient inventory on hand to help providers and patients

Acera Surgical remains available to support you during this time.  Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team (844-879-2237) or your local Surgical Account Executive with any questions or concerns.

1Please refer to the Restrata package insert for cleared indications and instructions for use.

2MacEwan MR, MacEwan S, Kovacs TR, et al. (October 2, 2017) What Makes the Optimal Wound Healing Material? A Review of Current Science and Introduction of a Synthetic Nanofabricated Wound Care Scaffold. Cureus Journal of Medical Science 9(10): e1736. doi:10.7759/cureus.1736

What Makes Acera Unique?

Acera is driven by the spirit of innovation. From the initial lab research that revealed the promise of hybrid-scale fibers to our continued delivery of new products, Acera's unwavering dedication is to improve patient care through the development of products that reduce patient pain, provide better results, and advance the science of healing.

Read Our Story
Electrospun Matrices
The demonstrated capability of electrospun hybrid-scale fibers to support healing in refractory wounds has introduced a revolution in soft-tissue repair.
Rapid Cell Infiltration
The range of fiber diameters and the carefully engineered organization of them permit cellular infiltration, proliferation, and accelerated healing¹.
¹What Makes the Optimal Wound Healing Material?
Flexible Matrix
The soft, flexible, hybrid-scale fiber material can be positioned and conformed to the wound site as needed, yet is strong enough to withstand suturing while maintaining its structural integrity.

Stories of Healing

Acera is making a difference in the lives of patients. Our products are providing healing for refractory wounds, helping to avert surgeries, and improving patient mobility. The stories we hear of healing and enhanced quality of life inspire us every day. We will never stop innovating. The statements by Acera’s customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique environment. Because there is no "typical" hospital or laboratory, and many variables exist there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

What clinicians are saying:

Heidi Donnelly, MD
Mohs Surgeon
"The new, synthetic hybrid-scale fiber wound healing matrix is the first of its kind for soft-tissue repair in the acute postoperative setting. In my experience, the company [Acera] is led by innovative professionals that operate with integrity and are committed to improving the patient's healing experience."
Eric Barp, DPM, FACFAS
Foot and Ankle Surgeon
"Restrata is a great product because of its strength and versatility. It’s easy to work with, and it’s an option that is not a biologic. I like that it can be sutured in place or simply secured with Steri-Strips. I’ve been very pleased with Restrata’s clinical outcomes."
Melanie Wilson, DNP, ACNP, FNP, CWS
Wound Care Specialist
"Restrata has changed my approach to wound management."

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Revolutionizing Healing. Changing Lives.
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