Acera Surgical is revolutionizing soft tissue repair through the use of nanofiber technology.

This patented platform technology enables Acera to provide matrices whose structure and architecture closely resembles native human extracellular matrix. These matrices result in safe, efficacious products without the limitations of other products on the market.

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Discover the power of nanofiber technology in the next evolution of soft tissue repair solutions.

Acera Surgical has engineered a new class of resorbable nanofabricated matrices designed to restore damaged tissue.

The matrix is engineered from nano-scale fibers to create a resorbable scaffold that is similar to the structure and architecture of native extracellular matrix.

Native cells rapidly migrate into the scaffold, and then proliferate and differentiate to form new granulation tissue.

Gradual and controlled resorption of the nanofiber scaffold then occurs at a similar rate to cellular ingrowth and new tissue formation. As the scaffold resorbs, the porosity of the matrix gradually increases to support continued tissue integration and neovascularization, while eliciting a minimal inflammatory response.

The nanofiber matrix is easy to handle and apply in the clinical setting. The soft and flexible material easily conforms to the wound site, yet is strong enough to manipulate and suture as needed.

Witness the next evolution in soft tissue repair.

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Acera’s current FDA cleared products include Restrata and Cerafix.

Restrata is the first fully resorbable, nanofiber matrix for the treatment of:

Surgical and Traumatic Wounds

Partial and Full-Thickness Wounds

Acute and Chronic Wounds

Tunneling and Exuding Wounds

Venous Leg, Diabetic Foot and pressure ulcers


Cerafix Purple without shield

Cerafix is a nanofiber matrix for dural repair offering both optimal performance and clinical outcomes.

Not Tissue-Based Products

See Indications for Use for more details and contraindications.

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