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For surgeons who need a watertight, dural repair solution, as a non-biologic, Cerafix is an implantable, bioresorbable, nanofiber matrix engineered to offer reliable dural closure whether sutured or laid, reduce postoperative cerebrospinal fluid leakage (CSF)¹, and activate dural restoration.

Cerafix offers unique advantages for dural repair.

Cerafix Dura Substitute is a novel, non-biologic, fully-resorbable graft that is indicated for use as a resorbable implant for the repair of dural defects. A synthetic, porous polymer matrix, Cerafix works to eliminate cerebrospinal fluid leakage and prevent post-surgical wound complications2.

In addition to preventing cerebral spinal fluid leakage, Cerafix has the additional benefit of supporting new tissue ingrowth. In cases where dural closure is critical to a successful surgical outcome, Cerafix has been shown to support healing and prevent leakage without the risks involved with biologics, including the transmission of diseases and the risk of adverse reactions to foreign material.

With nanofibers engineered for similarity to human ECM, Cerafix offers a unique alternative to existing dural substitutes with distinct advantages that may improve patient outcomes.

1,2Novel nanofabricated dura substitute effectively repairs dural defects independent of defect size in a canine duraplasty model

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Use Cases

Endoscopic Transphenoidal Procedure
Cerafix offers synthetic support for tissue in-growth and patient healing after minimally-invasive endoscopic transphenoidal procedures. Cerafix can be easily positioned with an endoscopic tool and sutured in place to support healing in the dura mater.
Endoscopic Resection for Pituitary Meningioma
Cerafix supports dura mater repair following endoscopic transphenoidal procedures. Cerafix can be rolled and easily delivered to the defect area where it can be manipulated to fit appropriately and held in place by a non-tension suture.
Craniotomy and Supratentorial Aneurysm Clipping
After a supratentorial craniotomy, Cerafix can be used in the repair of dura mater following exposure. To achieve water-tight closure, secure Cerafix with a running suture applied in a non-tension fashion.

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