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Micronized, electrospun fiber matrix engineered to be similar to human ECM. A dispersible form factor of Restrata that may be applied to soft tissue areas with irregular or complex topography.
Representative image of multiple particles of Restrata MiniMatrix
Representative image of a single particle of Restrata MiniMatrix

Restrata MiniMatrix

A micronized, dispersible form of Restrata, MiniMatrix may be applied to soft tissue areas with irregular or complex topography.7 Individual pieces of the micronized matrix are less than 3.15 mm in diameter.6

Product Benefits
  • Free of human or animal tissue components, resulting in no special storage or handling requirements.5
  • Dispersible form factor that may be applied dry or hydrated.
  • Resistant to enzymatic degradation, staying in the defect long enough to support soft tissue formation due to a controlled resorption rate via hydrolysis.1, 3, 4
Intended for use in the management of wounds, including:7
  • Partial- and full-thickness wounds
  • Draining wounds
  • Pressure sores/ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers, tunneled/undermined wounds
  • Surgical wounds (e.g., donor site/grafts, post-laser surgery, post-Mohs surgery, podiatric wounds, and dehisced wounds)
  • Trauma wounds (e.g., abrasions, lacerations, partial-thickness burns, and skin tears)
About Electrospun Fiber Matrix Technology
  • Fiber size, structure and porosity similar to human extracellular matrix that supports: Granulation tissue formation, cellular ingrowth and retention, vascularization through structural cues, instead of growth factors.1, 3, 4
  • Shown to elicit a mildly acidic environment for tissue healing.8
  • Supported by Level I clinical evidence.10


MiniMatrix fibers sold in sealed tubular packages from 100mg to 2000mg

Restrata MiniMatrix
Part # Description Coverage (cm2)
RMINI-100 100 mg micronized 10 up to 20
RMINI-250 250 mg micronized 25 up to 50
RMINI-500 500 mg micronized 50 up to 100
RMINI-1000 1,000 mg micronized 100 up to 200
RMINI-2000 2,000 mg micronized 200 up to 400


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