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Mission & Values

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Acera’s mission is to set a new standard of excellence in healthcare. We take seriously the trust placed in us by patients and clinicians alike. Our team of pioneers, change agents, innovators, and scientists are bound together by an unrelenting drive to create solutions that make patients’ lives better through the development of revolutionary products that enable healing and enhance quality of life.

Acera’s core values of compassion, integrity, excellence, collaboration, and boldness have helped build a culture in which the patient takes primary importance. This patient focus guides every aspect of the business, from product development to sales and operations. The revolutionary healing products Acera designs and the uncompromising, patient-focused, business strategy followed, challenge the status quo of both treatment methods and industry practices, setting a new standard for excellence.

You will find companies with good technology. You will find companies with a good culture. You will find companies with, potentially, the right patient focus, but I think all of these together plus a very motivated, ethically-driven team makes Acera very different.

- Agnès Rey-Giraud, Co-founder and Board Member

Acera is defined by our patient focus and driven by a sense of empathy for those we have the privilege to serve. We are accountable to the clinicians and patients who place their trust in our products. This sense of responsibility is evidenced by the integrity with which we approach our work every day. Our determination to revolutionize healing and improve lives drives our collaboration to produce new products with a reputation for excellence in the market. Acera was born from innovation, and the bold spirit of invention continues to drive us forward. 

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