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The proven healing power of hybrid-scale fiber matrix technology pioneered by Acera Surgical is now available for use in patient care.
For clinicians with patients requiring soft-tissue repair, Restrata is a non-biologic, hybrid-scale fiber matrix engineered to be similar to human ECM that activates granulation tissue in refractory wounds while maintaining tensile strength with flexibility.
For surgeons who need a dural repair solution, Cerafix is a non-biologic, implantable, bioresorbable, fibrous matrix engineered to offer reliable dural closure, reduce postoperative cerebrospinal fluid leakage (CSF), and support dural restoration.
For clinicians treating patients with partial-thickness burns, Covora is a non-biologic, hybrid-scale fiber matrix, engineered to be similar to human ECM that is strong and pliable, covers sensitive burn areas, and promotes healing.

What Makes Acera Unique?

Innovative, technological solutions backed by proven results and a foundational passion for improving lives drives Acera to continue advancing the science of healthcare.

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Electrospun Matrices
The demonstrated capability of engineered hybrid-scale fibers to support healing in refractory wounds has ushered in a revolution in soft-tissue repair.
Rapid Cellular Infiltration
The range of hybrid-scale fiber diameters and the carefully engineered organization of them permit cellular infiltration, proliferation, and accelerated healing┬╣.
┬╣What Makes the Optimal Wound Healing Material?
Flexible Matrix
The hybrid-scale fiber matrix is easy to handle and apply in clinical settings. The soft and flexible material comfortably conforms to the wound site, yet is strong enough to manipulate and suture as needed.

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