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The Acera Story

Acera Surgical is a soft-tissue repair company born from research and bold, patient-focused innovation.

Founded in 2013 and based in St. Louis, MO, Acera delivers new technology and is revolutionizing patient care.

ACERA_AGNES_MATTHEW.jpgIn 2009, while an MD / Ph.D. student at Washington University, Matthew MacEwan worked with bioengineering graduate students investigating methods to create polymer nanofibers. Matthew was intrigued by the structure and its unique properties and focused his research on the potential use of these fibers in the medical field.

The turning point came in the summer of 2011 when Matthew was first introduced to Agnès Rey-Giraud, a retired Senior Executive and sought after industry leader. Together, they built the business case for a potential product and pursued the path to clinical validation, FDA clearance, and commercialization.

Following successful product tests, the business progressed to the development of Cerafix, a nanofiber dural repair matrix. In 2016, the device received FDA clearance. It was soon followed by Restrata, offering fully resorbable nanofiber soft-tissue repair. All Acera products are based on the groundbreaking nanofiber technology in which Matthew and Agnès saw such potential and worked to bring to market.

We started Acera, built a team, and went from an idea in the laboratory to the first FDA cleared nanofiber matrix product available in the United States.

- Matthew MacEwan, PhD, CSO

Innovative technological solutions backed by proven results and a foundational passion for improving lives drives Acera to continue advancing the field of soft tissue repair. The proven healing power of nanofiber technology pioneered by Acera scientists is now available in surgical matrices, soft tissue repair applications, and burn coverings, providing relief to patients who suffer from burns and refractory wounds, and supporting post-surgical healing.

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