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What is an Electrospun Fiber Matrix?

Acera Surgical has engineered a new class of resorbable electrospun fiber matrices designed to restore damaged tissue.


Acera's patented technology enables the engineering of matrices which closely resemble the architecture of native human tissue. The electrospun fiber products developed with this technology have been shown to deliver patient healing without the limitations of traditional biologics.

The matricies are engineered from electrospun fibers ranging in fiber diameter from sub-micron in scale to a few microns to create a fully resorbable healing scaffold. Native cells rapidly infiltrate the scaffold, and then proliferate and differentiate to form new granulation tissue.

Gradual and defined resorption of a sub-cellular fiber matrix is designed to occur at a similar rate to cellular ingrowth and new tissue formation of the surrounding native tissue. As the scaffold resorbs, the porosity of the matrix gradually increases to support continued tissue integration and neovascularization, while eliciting a minimal inflammatory response.

Engineered electrospun fiber matrices are easy to handle and apply in the clinical setting. The soft and flexible material easily conforms to the wound site, yet is strong enough to manipulate and suture as needed.

I believe that electrospun fiber technology has the potential to really change the way that clinicians approach soft tissue healing.

- Matthew MacEwan, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

While researchers have studied the potential of electrospun fibers for many years, Acera's technology platform has enabled their practical application for patient healing.

Electrospun fiber matrices are completely free of animal and human components and do not elicit excessive inflammation, a complaint of traditional treatments. The fully engineered materials used to fabricate our products are also ideal for patients who raise ethical or religious objections to traditional biologics. 

With our patented technology, Acera Surgical has engineered a revolution in healing.

Acera Surgical’s products and/or services may be covered by or for use under one or more of U.S. Patent Nos. 10,080,687, 10,124,089, 10,149,749, 10,441,403, 10,441,685, 10,588,734, 10,617,512, 10,632,228, 10,682,444, 10,888,409, and/or one or more patents in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and/or in other jurisdictions, as well as other patents that are pending.  For additional information, please contact information@acera-surgical.com.

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