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For clinicians with patients requiring soft-tissue repair, Restrata is a non-biologic, nanofiber matrix engineered to be similar to human ECM that activates granulation tissue with fewer applications in refractory wounds while maintaining tensile strength with flexibility.

Restrata is a revolution in soft-tissue repair.

Restrata is a fully-synthetic, nanofiber wound matrix that mimics human ECM and supports cell ingrowth, retention, and differentiation. Representing a new approach to the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, Restrata utilizes the advantages of synthetic construction to launch a new era in healing.

Composed of non-woven, resorbable fibers, Restrata’s unique properties enable it to resist enzymatic degradation and persist in the wound bed, providing a porous scaffold for cellular infiltration and vascularization before completely degrading via hydrolysis. 

Restrata represents a revolution in soft-tissue repair. Proven to provide healing in refractory wounds, suitable for patients with ethical or religious objections to skin grafts, and without the special storage and handling requirements of traditional biologics, Restrata is a breakthrough in patient care.

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Use Cases

Chronic, Diabetic Foot Ulcers
For clinicians looking for a solution to chronic, diabetic foot ulcers, Restrata has been shown to provide healing in refractory wounds. Many diabetic patients struggle with ulcers that fail to respond to traditional graft treatments for a variety of reasons. Restrata has been shown to provide healing for patients with chronic ulcers that are resistant to other treatments.
Surgical Uses
Many patients face post-surgical wounds that are slow to heal or do not respond to traditional treatment methods. Clinicians searching for an alternative treatment for these patients may find a solution in Restrata. Restrata has been used in conjunction with a variety of surgical procedures, including limb salvage and amputation situations, as well as traumatic crush injuries, burns, and more.
Pressure Ulcers
Improper off-loading, common with patients recovering from knee surgery, may result in pressure ulcers. Restrata has been used to treat and heal these post-surgical complications, including some patients for whom prior treatment options did not help.

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