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For clinicians treating patients with partial-thickness burns, Covora is a non-biologic, hybrid-scale fiber matrix, engineered to be similar to human ECM that is strong and pliable, covers sensitive burn areas, and promotes healing.

Covora is a single-use, resorbable, hybrid-scale fiber matrix for use in the treatment of partial thickness burns.

Composed of synthetic hybrid-scale fibers, Covora’s structure is similar to native ECM. The hybrid-scale fibers form a soft, conformable, non-friable healing matrix. Covora’s high porosity matrix supports the body’s natural healing process, providing a scaffold for cellular infiltration. As cells spread into the defect space, new soft-tissue forms in the wound bed, and has been shown to develop pigmentation similar to the skin's natural pigmentation. 

Covora supports healing with a defined resorption rate engineered to occur at a rate similar to the body's healing of the damaged area. Covora provides a porous scaffold for cellular infiltration and vascularization before completely degrading via hydrolysis. Covora represents a new era in partial thickness burn treatment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Covora be used with third-degree burns?

No, Covora is not indicated for use with third-degree burns. 

How do I store Covora?

Covora has a two-year shelf life from the packaging date when stored at ambient temperatures. Refer to the expiration date on the product box for details. There are no special storage or handling requirements. Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat or humidity.

Is there a specific requirement for applying Covora (i.e. top or bottom)?

There is no specific orientation required for application. Apply Covora with either side toward the wound bed. Reposition as necessary. 

Should I remove partially resorbed Covora?

Covora persists in the wound bed until completely degrading via hydrolysis. It is not meant to be removed. Trim any loose edges that may peel during the healing process, but do not disturb the product remaining in the wound bed. 

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