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Publications & Research

The value of electrospun fibers has been demonstrated by many publications, but Acera is the first company to develop it beyond the research lab for patient healing.

- Agnès Rey-Giraud, CEO

Several published articles have explored the potential of electrospun fiber technology for medical applications, including some that have examined specifically the use of Restrata and Cerafix. Download the articles below to read more about our technological breakthrough and learn how its practical application is helping to improve lives. 


MacEwan MR, MacEwan S, Kovacs TR, et al. What Makes the Optimal Wound Healing Material? A Review of Current Science and Introduction of a Synthetic Nanofabricated Wound Care Scaffold. Cureus. 2017;9(10):e1736.

Regulski MJ, MacEwan MR. Implantable Nanomedical Scaffold Facilitates Healing of Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds. Wounds. 2018;30(8):E77-E80.

Regulski MJ. Clinical evaluation of a novel nanofiber wound matrix for the treatment of chronic lower extremity wounds. J Dermatol & and Ther. 2018;2(1):35-38.


Schmalz P, Griessenauer C, Ogilvy CS, Thomas AJ. Use of an Absorbable Synthetic Polymer Dural Substitute for Repair of Dural Defects: A Technical Note. Cureus. 2018;10(1):e2127. Published 2018 Jan 29. 

Matthew MR, Kovacs T, Ray WZ. Novel nanofabricated dura substitute effectively repairs dural defects independent of defect size in a canine duraplasty model. Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery. 2018;14:150-155pg.

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