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Our Leadership

We Believe in a Bigger Vision for Healing

Acera's seasoned leadership team is comprised of industry leaders and innovators passionate about leading Acera forward and revolutionizing soft-tissue repair. Together, they are directing us as we redefine patient care and set new standards for excellence in the industry. 

Chief Executive Officer
Agn├Ęs Rey-Giraud

Agnès Rey-Giraud is the co-CEO of Acera Surgical. Agnès is former officer at Express Scripts, where she held various leadership roles, including Senior Vice President of Research & Product Development, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain and President of International Operations, Agnès earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, a Master of Operations Management from EM Lyon, France, and a Master of Science degree in engineering from ENISE, France.

Chief Executive Officer
Jake Wilson

Jake Wilson is the co-CEO of Acera Surgical. A registered pharmacist and long-time pharmaceutical professional, Jake spent 12 years at Express Scripts and was a division sales manager at Cardinal Health, after which he acquired, expanded, and sold a Midwest pharmacy company. Jake holds a master's degree in Business Administration.

Chief Science Officer
Matthew MacEwan, PhD

Dr. Matthew MacEwan is Chief Science Officer at Acera Surgical. A doctoral graduate of Washington University in St. Louis where he began the nanofiber research that would one day become Acera, Matthew holds a patent for the bipolar sieve electrode and method of assembly. He has authored or co-authored three peer-reviewed articles on the topics of nanofibers, nerve regeneration, and cardiomyocytes in the phase-separated state.

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