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Dehisced Surgical Wound Post Amputation

Patient History

Patient is an 88-year-old female with below knee amputation (BKA) who developed a large blister on the distal end of the stump within the first month post-op. It was treated with KerlixTM and standard wound care at a LTCH. Three months later, the wound had a large area of eschar with purulent drainage. Patient taken to O/R for wound revision and primary closure with NPWT applied to the wound area. Wound treated with Restrata  with no NPWT.

Primary Diagnosis

Surgical wound

Treatment & Outcome

Restrata was cut to size and fenestrated with tissue scissors. It was affixed with Streri-Strips and wrapped with a primary gauze dressing and covered by a shrinker sock. A Polymem Silver® dressing was used, as needed, to help manage moisture. During follow up visits, areas where Restrata had incorporated were left in place. Any open wound area was debrided and a new piece of Restrata was applied. Standard wound care was tried for more than four months, and the non-healing wound prevented the patient from getting a prosthetic and gaining mobility and independence. The wound was closed using Restrata with four applications over five weeks. The patient fitted for a prosthetic.

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