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FDA Cleared Next Generation Engineered Scaffold for Safe and Effective Wound Management


The Restrata™ Wound Matrix is a sterile, single use device intended for use in local management of wounds. The Restrata™ Wound Matrix is a soft, white, conformable, non-friable, absorbable matrix that acts as a protective covering for wound defects, providing a moist environment for the body’s natural healing process to occur. Restrata™ is made from synthetic biocompatible materials and was designed to include a fibrous structure with high porosity, similar to native extracellular matrix. Restrata™ is a porous matrix with a defined rate of resorption that provides a scaffold for cellular infiltration and vascularization before completely degrading via hydrolysis. The device permits the ingress of cells and soft tissue formation in the defect space / wound bed.  The device does not contain any human or animal materials or tissues.

Acera is leveraging the expertise of a leading wound care consulting firm, Telos Partners LLC, to help define its clinical and commercialization strategy. Acera is seeking a commercialization partner for Restrata™.


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Comparison of a Fully Synthetic Electrospun Matrix to a Bi-Layered Xenograft in Healing Full Thickness Cutaneous Wounds in a Porcine Model



Restrata™ Wound Matrix is not designed, sold or intended for use except as described in the indications for use document. Please see product insert and instructions for use document for complete product information.