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Introducing the FIRST FDA cleared synthetic, resorbable, electrospun dura substitute



Cerafix® Dura Substitute is a soft, white, pliable, nonfriable, porous polymer matrix, and is to be used with tensionless sutures. Cerafix® Dura Substitute is available in a variety of sizes and is supplied sterile and nonpyrogenic in a single-use nested pouch configuration, which is enclosed in a protective chipboard peel-tab mailer.

Cerafix® Dura Substitute is indicated as a dura substitute for the repair of dura mater.


Cerafix® is Designed to Mimic the Structure of Extracellular Matrix


Cerafix® Dura Substitute is not designed, sold or intended for use except as described in the indications for use document. Please see product insert and instructions for use document for complete product information.



1Data on file at Acera.
2Evidence shown in animal models.