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A Material Development Company

Acera Surgical, Inc. has developed a portfolio of fully synthetic surgical materials that act as resorbable scaffolds for soft tissue repair and regeneration. Acera's products are designed to improve surgical efficiency, reduce surgical complications and cost, and facilitating superior clinical outcomes.

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Cerafix™ Dural Substitute
Neurosurgical Mesh

Finally, a neurosurgical mesh that combines the best properties of biologic and synthetic. Surgeons now have an easy-to-handle material to replace the dura.

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Hernia Mesh

A hybrid material combining the feel of a biologic material with the strength of a synthetic. A more forgiving mesh that replaces cadaver tissue.

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Acera Meshes
Biologic Properties

Acera meshes provide superior handling, greater ease of use, increased reliability, and improved clinical outcomes for surgeons, patients, and payers.

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Acera Performance
Investment Opportunities

Acera plans to launch a family of hybrid biologic/synthetic surgical tools and materials that offer better patient outcomes and a positive ROI for investors.

Acera News

Acera Surgical Receives FDA Clearance for Nanofabricated Tissue Scaffold

ST.LOUIS – Acera Surgical, Inc., a Washington University startup co-founded by former WU student Dr. Matthew MacEwan, received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its first clinical product, the Cerafix® Dura Substitute. With the approval from […]

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ACERA Selected as One of the “Best University Startups 2016” by National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer

Acera Surgical has been selected as one of the “Best University Startups 2016” by National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2).
NCET2 recognizes that Startup Officers are the backbone of any university’s research commercialization program. They work to support the world’s most […]

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