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New Research Highlights Restrata® Wound Matrix Results

Acera Surgical Announces Positive Results from Clinical Study Examining The Use of Restrata® Wound Matrix In Healing Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds

St. Louis, MO—April 18, 2018— Acera Surgical Inc., the industry leader in implantable nanomedical scaffolds, has been selected to present clinical study results for the Restrata® Wound Matrix at the Spring 2018 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (“SAWC”), held from April 25 – 29 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The SAWC conference is one of the nation’s largest and most well-respected interdisciplinary wound care programs with over 2,000 attendees, including practitioners, researchers and key opinion leaders.

The study, titled “Clinical Evaluation of a Novel Nanofiber Wound Matrix for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds,” demonstrates that Restrata shows clinically and statistically significant reduction in wounds of the lower extremity.  At 12 weeks, venous leg ulcers treated with Restrata® had a 94% wound closure rate while diabetic foot ulcers treated with Restrata had an 89% wound closure rate.  These rates exceed most conventional wound therapies and the current standard of care. Wounds treated with Restrata demonstrated nearly double the healing velocity when compared to control wounds not treated with Restrata®.

Restrata® is the second product in Acera’s portfolio of implantable nanomedical scaffolds that address the shortcomings of conventional biologic-based products.  “Restrata offers a new approach to the treatment of difficult to treat chronic wounds,” said Dr. Matthew Regulski, who authored the study. “Due to the structural similarities between Restrata®’s nanofibers and native extracellular matrix, cells are able to easily infiltrate and proliferate throughout the material resulting in successful wound closure.”

Acera will be at Booth 147 at the SAWC Spring 2018 Symposium.


About Acera Surgical Inc.

Acera Surgical Inc.  (“Acera,” St. Louis, Missouri) is a bioscience company commercializing a portfolio of implantable nanomedical scaffolds for medical applications.  Acera’s products exhibit a structure similar to native extracellular matrix (ECM) and thus support rapid and effective healing. Acera is currently commercializing its first two products, the Cerafix® Dural Substitute and the Restrata®  Wound Matrix, both FDA cleared via 510(k).

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