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Synthetic Dura Substitute Advances Repair of Dural Defects

CerafixCerafix is a synthetic dural substitute, shown to prevent cerebrospinal fluid leaks and to repair dural defects that occur during neurosurgical procedures. Cerafix employs the nanofiber technology pioneered by Acera scientists that is revolutionizing patient care. 

Advantages of a Synthetic Dural Substitute 

Cerafix is created from electrospun, nanofabricated matrices engineered for structural similarity to native human ECM. Microscopic nanofibers, carefully organized with varying sizes, function as a scaffold that permits cellular movement and proliferation. While Cerafix seals the surgical site against leaks, the nanofiber matrix encourages cellular movement to the area, where cells proliferate rapidly. During the healing process, the similarity of the nanofiber matrix to ECM has also been shown to induce less inflammation than some biologic grafts1. Additionally, the nanofabricated matrices are fully synthetic, making them ideal for patients with ethical or religious objections to biologic treatments. 

article_river_555fcc40792211e7b0ce2dedcad57e1f_Figure_2.pngClinical Applications for a Nanofiber Dural Substitute

The nanofiber matrices are naturally flexible, making them easy to handle, manipulate, and apply in a clinical setting. Cerafix can be cut to the shape required by the defect, repositioned as necessary, and can be used while either wet or dry. Cerafix has no specific orientation required for application and does not require sutures, although suturing is possible. Post-operatively, the nanofiber matrix has been shown to resorb fully by 13 weeks and is replaced by regenerated native dura. 

Acera has pioneered innovations in nanofiber technology to provide clinicians with the advances needed to improve patient care outcomes. Cerafix is a revolution in the repair of dural defects. 

1Novel nanofabricated dura substitute effectively repairs dural defects independent of defect size in a canine duraplasty model

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